Leonardo Boff

As the ancients said: «vivere navigare est», that is, «to live is to navigate», to take a voyage, a short voyage for some, a long one for others. All navigation involves risks, fears and hope. But the ship is always attracted to a port that waits on the other side.

The ship starts out to sea. Family and friends say farewell and follow them on the beach. Some let furtive tears fall, because one never knows what may happen. And the ship slowly goes away. At the start it is very visible, but as it continues, it appears, to the eyes, to become ever smaller. Finally, it is only a point. A little more, and it disappears on the horizon. Everyone says: It is gone!

It was not swallowed by the sea. It is there, even though it is no longer visible, like the star that shines even when obscured…

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